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  • 10
    Mükemmel bir yer, herkeze tavsiye edebilirim :)
  • 9,8
    Selge harika

    Herşey kusursuzdu. Çok teşekkür ederiz.

    Sadece WiFi bağlantısında sıkıntı vardı.

  • 7,3
    Guzel hotel

    Yemekler super

    Wifi kotu , oda 5 kat balkon yok yeterince yatak yok. Okadar para verdik cekyat da kaldik

  • 7,5
    Guzel fakat cok kalabalik

    Yemekleri duzeni organizasyonu

    Cok kalabalik
    Yeme icmeye kisitli saatler

  • 9,8
    Güzel bir tatil oldu

    Yemekler ve imkanlar

    Eski odalar çok berbat. Yenileme yapılsa iyi olur

  • 9,8
    Güzle bir tatil geçirdik


  • 8,4

    Herşeyi beğendim

  • 9,5
    Almost perfect!

    If you have children this is the best place to go. For the adult it's relaxed and the food is good. A lot of variation, the only thing is missing is good Coffee! Hope next year they change the coffee but I will be there next year in Shaa Allah.

    The coffee :)

  • 8,3
    Good stay! Only the WiFi was not good.
  • 7,7
    Great Halal Family Experience

    The hotel in general

    The staff were nice

    The maintenance / cleanliness

    The food

    The fact that all food, even the food outside of normal meals is included.

    Free mini bar

    The mosque

    The beach

    The playground

    All pools

    The late partying / loud music

    No chicken or lamb shish, more food options required

    The arcades and pool tables are old and tired

    No seating in games room

    The staff don't speak English (not great for tourism)

    Poor Wifi

    No men's indoor pool

    No 120m common pool

  • 8,2
    Our second time and excellent for the women folks, needs gerneral modernising and upgrading, But even without still worth a vist for any family looking for a Halal environment.

    Women spa and food selection.

    Men's spa facilities limited and games room games all of them don't work.

  • 3,9
    Will never come back!

    The only positive thing was the food. Amazing. Very much to choose from and very good, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    The check in was caotic and took very long time! We got our room, but it was a very load sound 24/7 from the hotel beside Selge. The TV didnt work. We asked to change room and we got a new room. This room was better but had an aweful smell from the bathroom. Should also do a renovation because the rooms look old. The terasse was to hot to sit on because of the aircondition box outside and the glass around the balcony.
    The Wifi was very bad so we didnt had internet at the hotelroom or most of the time during the stay...
    The pool was too crowded so its impossible to get sunbeds after 12.00. It was dirty too. The food on womens side at the pool was tasteless.
    In the game center only half of the games worked.
    We also paid 120 EUROS for getting 30 pictures that we took with the photografer, and they also refused to give us the cd with the files, and they said that this is cheap for norwegian people. Rude and very disrespectul. In norway we get ALL the files AND printet photos!
    Will not come here again. To crowded and caotic and too old looking hotel. Not worth the price at all....

  • 9,1
    Addictive where it not for an unfair incident.

    Friendly and helpful staff. Excellent facilities and options.
    Lovely and delicious food.

    Unfortunately, we will have to reconsider coming to Selge for the 3rd time.

    The master bedroom has a TV set standing unstable on a table. No attachments whatsoever. Slightest shake and it will topple. Apart from this the TV was old and the picture fuzzy.
    Accidentally, while lifting the head under the table to pull out a bag, the inevitable happened, the wobbly base TV fell face-on the table (not the floor). This was enough to cause a small screen damage which further effected the picture.
    As a Muslim, I informed the staff of the incident. On the travelling day
    I had to pay €210 for this.

    Unfortunately, neither did the honesty, nor the fact that it was an unstable innevitable TV stand problem and that it was an accident, and that I am a regular guest and I got my brother and friend with families to come twice and that we were intending to return inshallah yearly - all this accounted to nothing!

    I regret that we all will consider alternative places in the future.

    Ne yazik size Selge!

  • 9,1
    Kids loved the stay, perfect place for kids. Kids clubs stuff we're amazing my daughters loved them!

    Staff always willing to help!

    Lack of English!

  • 8,0
    Excellent resort when it is not too hot

    I liked the food presentation, varieties and availability all time.

    Staff around the tables are very good to help around and cleaning.

    Cafes around the places are nice to set and enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee and cold drink.

    The restaurant near the beach is very handy.

    Distance to Antalya airport is reasonable.

    Food are in general are lacking a final tough of spicy. Please consider some improvement by introducing the Syrian cousin especially on the sweet.

    The beach is rough and you need to wear a swimming shoes. The resorts owners around the area could have invested a bit of money to make it sandy.

    Although the resorts have many amazing outdoor spaces to set around but they become uncomfortable when it is too hot (even at night). These areas should be cooled down by more fans as well as water spray. Much more trees are required around the mixed pool and near the beach.

    The staff in the reception are generally good but one female staff in particular was naturally very grumpy and she does not fit for this work.

    Room cleaning sometimes are not carried out properly. It depends on the staff who is doing the cleaning. There should be someone to check on them to maintain good standard.

  • 5,5
    Had wat beters verwacht

    Was erg erg druk, enorm veel kinderen. Kamers waren niet zoals op de foto's. Airco wat ook ernorm veel geluid maakte, waardoor ik 's nacht niet van kon slapen. Was ook een slechte ventilatie binnen, gangen waren ook zeer benouwd.

  • 8,2
    Cok guzel

    Yeterince aktivitiler, bayanlar kompleksi.. yemekleri

  • 9,3
    An excellent family holiday

    Food and drinks
    Prayer facilities


  • 8,9

    Everything was perfect


  • 8,6
    منتجع قديم ولكن محافظ بشكل ممتاز وألاكل ممتاز

    المكان اغلب الى موجود فية لبسين اسلامي ومتسترين ويمنع على النساء ادخالهم الهواتف في قاعة السباحة الخاصة فيهم، الأكل شي لذيذ وخيال والمكان جميل وعندة برامج وعروض

    المكان الاثاث قديم وموقعة بعيد عن المطار ومكان الالعاب الداخلية فية اغلبها خراب ويحتاج تصليح

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