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  • 9,3
    Great Villa, Private Pool, Fantastic Holiday

    The pool was secluded, we enjoyed swimming and sunbathing. The kitchen was very modern as was the whole villa, it felt luxurious and fabulous. I ordered the hampers which I think were good as I didn’t have to go shopping straight away. WiFi strongest downstairs.

    I liked everything really but I would advise that the daily gardener comes early or to make sure he knocks to give any women time to leave the pool area.
    Also it would be useful to have an address written somewhere, the taxi drivers didn’t always know where they were going and it took us a few attempts to direct them when we were returning home at night.

  • 9,0
    Great Villa, excellent experience!

    I loved how comfortable and convenient the villa was for our family reunion. Not only was the villa clean, spacious and modern, but it also had a wonderful panorama of the town and nearby beach.
    The facilities we enjoyed were family based and included a 20min coach ride to a beautiful beach; a 1hour coach ride to a spectacular boat experience lasting the whole day, and plenty more.
    The supermarket was at a walking distance of the villa, and cabs were easily available for passengers with heavy shopping and those without.
    The staff was friendly and very helpful during our stay and all of our inquiries were dealt with swiftly.

    The wifi connection wasn't evenly distributed across the villa as some rooms had a slightly weaker, but a bearable connection in comparison to the others.
    Additionally, although the use of the pool was integrated into our everyday routine, it wasn't of the friendliest activities to the infants and young children that were unable to swim. The depth of the pool reached 182m across the full base, which prevented foot support in the supervision of the infant/child.

  • 9,5
    çok iyi

    evin konumu merkeze araçla 2-3 dakika, ev cok yeni eşyalar gayet iyi ve temiz evle ilgili herşey düşünülmüş. havuz resimlerde daha büyük gözüküyor ama yeterli. ÖNEMLİ: Havuz cok korunaklı ama bir köşesinde başka bir konuttan görülme ihtimali var. yüzde 95 korunaklı diyebilirim. terası cok güzel

  • 8,1
    Loved it!

    I loved staying at the A-Hill. Me and my family, we had a great time. It may be a little expensive but it's definitely worth the price! We stayed there for 8 nights, which was the reason why we got bored up there. But still, there are a lot of things you can do when you go to the city. You can book tours and many other things. The pool was great too. No one could see us.

  • 9,7
    Our amazing stay at Villa house

    Loved the seclusion and the location up in the mountains
    Was a bit tricky to get to however, but worth it

    The WiFi gets weak at different places of the villa

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